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Technology Deployment


Technology Deployment Blockers are often mainly non-technical

Successful deployment requires effective collaboration in implementation and operation 
Typical non-technical issues revolve around multi-party alignment and collaboration

  • Internal: Operator/production; Technical; Procurement; 

  • External: Main contractor; Technology Supplier


Many technologies involve permanent (digital) services requiring sustainable collaboration


B-CEPS is a listed consultancy partner with and focuses on eliminating non-technical blockers to Technology Deployment 

Commercial and Collaboration framework will eliminate blockers

Create commercial framework that aligns parties and drives deployment benefits for all
Create positive business case for all
Operator/production; Technical; Main contractor; Technology Supplier
Align interests thru deliberate commercial and operating model
Ensure incentives are aligned toward common goals and effective collaboration

B-CEPS uses the following tools to Align the Technology Value Chain

Multiparty relationship analysis tool (interest, power, culture)
Commercial models & templates, agile contracting 
Business Process Redesign and RACI tools 
Client/Supplier Relationship SpectrumTM,  Multiparty Ecosystem mapping
Preset relationship governance models and templates

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