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Optimized Workforce


Optimized Workforce leverages all types of resources

The importance of the non-employee workforce is rapidly increasing with demands for an agile organization and growing  talent shortages. New public and private talent platforms unlock access to global talent pools and new worker types like gig-workers and Freelancers. 

Insight & Control over non-employees is often weak

Typically flex programs have a limited coverage over non-employees especially over service workers (SoW). Lack of control over identities, on- and off-boarding and commercial terms leads to compliance issues and missed cost opportunities.

B-CEPS helps shape total workforce strategies 

Analysis of current workforce situation and processes helps build a business case and roadmap to gain insight and control over the entire non-employee workforce and ultimately the Total Workforce. This often takes a combination of strengthening the foundation and core programs and building new digital resourcing channels.

B-CEPS has deep experience in setting up and managing workforce  programs for large global and European players. 


Example non-employee program structure


'Cris worked in my team leading the setup and implementation of our integrated solution for flex talents (non-payroll). Cris has combined a strong innovation mindset together with a personal determination and extensive experience in the area to guide us in the setup of a managed system for our flexible employees, away from the fragmented pilots we had going on. This is a continued journey but Cris has helped us significantly to integrate the strategic story and show us the way for a technical scalable solution. I would def recommend Cris for companies who are starting to think on how they can turn their flexible talent into a more strategic talent pool of the future.'

Tom Dewaele
Global Head of Employee Experience UNILEVER

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