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Sourcing, collaboration and workforce strategies in a digital and dynamic world

The business world is impacted heavily by technology driven trends and is changing in an ever-faster pace. Digital technologies enable access to large scale data and create unprecedented supply chain and workforce transparency. Products are being complemented by digital services and delivery models are increasing servitized to anything-as-a-Service. The rate of change calls for much more dynamic sourcing models which in turn require greater collaboration. Traditional sourcing rules no longer apply, short time-to-market cycles no longer allow stand-alone building of capabilities. New collaborative constructs with suppliers will drive speed and agility. Sourcing for people, technology and services moves to a refreshed continuum of make, buy, build and borrow. The workforce becomes a global skills community of internal and external talents and capabilities. Remote working, external innovation and gig-economy call for digitally enabled dedicated and shared talent pools. Competitive advantage will come from ability to collaborate and to deploy technology at speed.

B-CEPS has the knowledge and experience to help customers find their way in this new world and select and implement the right sourcing, collaboration and workforce strategies. The approach is hands-on and results focused, but the intent is to build sustainable in-house capabilities.

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