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Alliances & Networks


About Alliances & Networks

B-CEPS founder Cris Buningh has built a network of associates with the proven knowledge, mindset and capacity to deliver successful projects with sustainable impact to customers. 


SOS partners, Sourcing & Collaboration Engineers

  • An alliance between B-CEPS and Contrasticon, owned by Joost van Boeschoten​

  • Joost is a deep expert in Client / Supplier relationships and IT Sourcing

  • Contrasticon holds valuable IP with the SpectrumTM and Spectrum 3D

  • The partners have jointly developed the SOS Strategic Sourcing framework

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Commercial Relationships

Work !

  • Technology Catalogue has listed B-CEPS as consultancy partner

  • B-CEPS focuses on eliminating non-technical blockers to Technology Deployment

  • Combining the Catalogue and Consulting helps supplier realize technology value




B-CEPS is registered member of Indysource, this is a community  for independent IT sourcing advisors.


The Sourcing Network 

The Sourcing Network provides capabilities and solutions to improve IT sourcing relationships. Read more on their website.


European Contingent 
Workforce Professionals

The ECWP is network of independent CW advisors and program managers across Europe, see Linked-in Group

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