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IT Sourcing


IT sourcing landscape changes fundamentally

New architecture and delivery models like cloud and as-a-Service change the IT Sourcing landscape fundamentally. Also agile ways of working, user centric programming, application commoditization and low-code developments change the face of application management. Furthermore IT and business will converge as a result of digital transformations.
Both traditional suppliers and clients need to rethink their engagement and operating models to cope with and benefit from these disrupting models and market players.

The IT Services moves from deal to lifecycle centric

The traditional market for large integrated IT service deals is evaporating. Services are being decomposed and suppliers become ecosystems. The key role will be to truly integrate services and resources into a seamless delivery. To keep up with the rising rate of change in business requirements and new technologies & delivery models, clients and suppliers must focus on collaborative and dynamic relationships that deliver value throughout the lifecycle through integration and leveraging 3rd party services and capabilities.

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B-CEPS helps parties take a collaborative lifecycle approach

Combining make/buy/collaborate methods with deep knowledge of new technologies and delivery models enables B-CEPS to help clients and suppliers rethink their IT sourcing models and offerings. Subsequently the deep expertise in design and realization of client supplier relationships and ecosystems enables B-CEPS to truly support customers in realizing dynamic and collaborative lifecycle benefits.

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