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Designing a Transformation Journey to Total Workforce Management

Companies aspire to a Total Workforce Management vision in which all their activities are optimally resourced in a deliberate, controlled and agile way. The vision plays to 5 key objectives:

  • Access to Talent: at speed and tapping into all types and sources

  • Data Driven: Visible, Deliberate & Planned; Leverage Analytics

  • Smooth User Experience: for Candidates & Hiring Managers

  • Optimized Cost: demand management, supply channel optimization, TCO

  • Managed Risk & Reputation: Compliance, Environmental, Social, Governance

Getting to this TWM vision requires a Transformation Journey in which all the components of the program are identified and prioritized into a roadmap. The Journey will consist of a number of actionable and interdependent workstreams that will go thru development stages from set-up thru deploy & integrate to enhance & optimize.

An example of such a Transformation Journey is depicted in below sunray chart.

The Design of the Journey will also need to decide when to address which workforce.

The scope can be sliced in many ways e.g. workertype, geography, business line, skillpool.

In designing the Transformation Journey a prioritization needs to be made based on a number of factors including

  • Urgent needs in Access to Talent , Cost or Compliance

  • Cost / Benefit business cases per segment

  • Change Readiness: Management Sponsorship

B-CEPS helps corporates develop and realize this Transformation Journey. If you are interested to learn more contact


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