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Strategic Sourcing
of People, Services, 
IT & Technology

Getting both the "what" and the "how" right to deliver business-value@speed.

B-CEPS helps companies transform strategic sourcing to adapt operating, resourcing and collaboration models to cope with business change, leverage new service models and build opportunities in a digital & servitized world. 

B-CEPS works in a hands-on, results focused mode helping customers design the future, realize the change and build sustainable capabilities.

Thru an business operating model focused approach, B-CEPS ensures the right needs are sourced in a way that sustainably delivers maximum value at speed in a dynamic environment.

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Strategic sourcing

Make, buy & collaborate decisions to optimize cost and access to capabilities

at business speed


Supplier relationships

Making fit-for-purpose commercial relationships work & drive collaboration


Optimized workforce

Total Workforce journey delivering insight,
control, savings and
best access to talent



Leverage new technologies and engagement models
 to deliver business value

with speed & agility


Technology deployment

Remove non-technical blockers to accelerate deployment & innovation  

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